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While Persephone, the daughter (Kore) of Demeter and Zeus was gathering flowers in a field, Hades in his chariot burst through the earth and abducted her.  He was in love with her and wished to make her Queen of the Underworld.  When Goddess Demeter found out her daughter had disappeared, she searched all over the earth for her. Day and night she desperately looked for Persephone, forced to neglect her divine duty, the protection of vegetation and grain crops causing nothing to grow. Realizing her daughter could not be found on the surface, she ventured the world of the dead, finding her daughter married to Hades. After lengthy negotiations, it was decided that Persephone was obliged to spend six months with her mother and the remaining year with her husband. Ever since, when Persephone and Demeter reunite, the vegetation of the earth blooms and the trees bear fruit. The moment Demeter parts with her Kore, nature withers and “grieves”. The myth signifies the ever-changing seasons: Spring (Ear), Summer (Theros), Autumn (Opora) and Winter (Cheimon). 


The four seasons, personified as winged deities of Greek mythology and daughters of Helios, never ceased to inspire famous painters, sculptors and musicians, amongst them Cezanne, Vivaldi, Gyzes and Tsarouchis. Although the alteration of the four seasons is nowadays destabilized due to climate change, we can all help preserve the balance and harmony of our planet. 


MK designer draws inspiration from the theme of the four seasons, depicts them as concentric circles and creates the charm Kore, so as to welcome the new year with health, love and peace. 

Kórē Earrings

SKU: 0011
  • Diameter: 1.7 cm / 0.67 in

    Gold plated silver with white topaz gemstone and black cord

  • Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery

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