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Privacy Policy


This Personal Data Protection Policy governs the access and the use of the Website

Any whatsoever natural or legal person visiting the site pages or using the services shall for the sake of brevity be referred to herein as the “Personal Data Subject” or “Subject”.

The management and protection of your personal data is governed by the terms of this notice and the relevant provisions in the Greek, as well as the EU Community and international law regarding the protection of individuals against the processing of personal data, as well as the Decisions by the Hellenic Data Protection Authority. Any whatsoever potential future changes to the hereinabove regulatory framework shall constitute an objective of this notice.

This Personal Data Protection Policy (henceforth the “Data Policy” or “PDPP”) is intended to inform you about the Company’s policy regarding your personal data, which you have provided to us; so that you are aware of the purpose of its processing by us, the category of the recipients, and the procedures you may follow to exercise your legal rights.

This Policy constitutes an inseparable part of the General Terms of Use for and an integral document with them. The Company, in its capacity as the Data Processing Manager, may at times wholly or partially amend its Terms and Policies, which inter alia also include the “PDPP”, at its absolute discretion. Any amendment to this notice shall be effective immediately, as soon as the amended Policy is posted on the Website; we accordingly urge you to periodically verify its content.

Your confidentiality, as well as the safety and protection of your personal data are very important to the Company. We have accordingly collected and managed your personal data with the utmost care and responsibility, and adopted specific measures to secure it with safety. In order for you to have detailed indications about how the Company manages your personal data, we invite you to read the following Data Policy, where you will find all the key information regarding the processing of your personal data by the Company in relation to your browsing on and the use of the services offered.

We urge you to also read the “Cookies Policy”, “General Terms of Use” of the, which contain detailed information on the conditions regarding the services that we provide you. Certain services may be subject to specific legal conditions and regulations. In those cases, we will ensure that we provide you with all the information that may be required every time.

The Company is not in any way responsible for the Protection and Management Terms for the Personal Data of other websites, to which you may be connected via links through this Website.

In relation to any whatsoever clarifications, questions or legal requirements regarding your confidentiality and the processing of your personal data, you may contact us at any time by sending a request via email to our Customer Service Department by stating that the request is “confidential” or by sending a written letter to the Company’s register office address. Should you desire, you may also contact the Data Protection Officer (DPO) via email or via the post office to the attention of the “Data Protection Officer”.

Email: Attention: The Data Protection Officer


2.1. Dedinition of Personal Data

Personal Data shall refer to any information relating to the data subject, namely all the information that relates to every natural person to which the data refers and whose identity is known or can be verified. Such information, as stipulated by the Law and the relevant European provisions may comprise of the name, address, date of birth and the member’s gender, the mobile telephone number, email address, as well as usage data, e.g. the username, password and IP address.

2.2. Collection and Processing of Personal Data

The Personal Data categories that the Company collects and processes during your visit / browsing of the Website are as follows:

a) We collect your Personal Data like your Name, Surname, email address, phone number and code number of your order that you provide to us when you contact our Customer Service Department, in order to facilitate communication with you for the purpose of providing assistance with new products / services. If you choose to contact us by using the contact form on the “Contact” page, none of the data that you provide will be stored on that Website or be transferred / subjected to processing by the third party data processers that are specified in Paragraph 2.5. On the contrary, the data shall be simply classified in an email message so that we may reply to you.

b) We collect your Given Name and Surname, Email Address, Password, Gender and Date of Birth upon your registration as a Member of the  and the opening of an Account as well as the information that you register when you submit an order like for example the information you provide in order for an invoice to be issued (Tax ID, Tax Office, etc) and address of delivery of goods.

d) In the event where you provide Personal Data on contracting third parties (such as the Given Name and Surname, Address, Telephone Number) to the (e.g. in the cases of gifts to a third party person), the shall protect the Personal Data of the third party person in accordance with this Personal Data Protection Policy.  In addition, you hereby declare and warrant that you have already obtained the consent by such third party for the aforementioned use.

2.3. Purpose of collecting and processing Personal Data

The Personal Data that you declare during your visit to / browsing on the pages and services of the Website are intended and exclusively and only processed for the following purposes:

  • For the creation and activation of your account on the e-shop and your registration as a Member.

Legal justification:

  1. Your consent to be registered as a Member and the creation and activation of your account on the e-shop.

  2. Our legal interest for the safety of your account and our identification when required.

  • For the execution of your order by the e-shop

Legal justification:

  1. implementation of the legal relationship

  2. our compliance with our legal obligations

  • For communication between us, and the handling of your requests through the Customer Service Department

Legal justification:

  1. compliance with the legal obligation of the Company to adopt mechanisms and tools for Customer Service in prior to and after the sale

  2. the legal interest of the Company to improve the Customer Service Services

  3. your consent to receive communication by the Company for Customer Service

  • For the operation of the e-shop

Legal Justification: the legal interest of our Company for the technically correct and safe operation of the e-shop and the management and improvement of the technical systems.


  • For the purposes of statistical research analysis in an aggregate form 

Legal justification:

The legal interest of the Company to comprehend the manner in which users interact and use the website, for improving our products and services.

2.4. Personal Data Retention Period 

The Company processes your personal data throughout the entire valid term of each agreement and after the agreement has been dissolved or terminated in any whatsoever manner for the period that is stipulated by the applicable legislative framework on each occasion as well as during the time period that you have an operating account at the e-shop or you communicate with the Customer Service Department of our Company.

Your persona data are maintained by the Company until you request for their deletion or until you withdraw your consent where such consent is required unless if their maintenance is imposed by a valid contract or for the compliance of the Company an obligation arising out of the applicable legislation.

More concretely, your personal data that are processed by the Company are kept mandatorily during the time period required by the scope of such process itself or by the prevailing legal framework.

Upon the expiry of this term, the data is maintained in accordance with the applicable legislative framework for the period that is provided after the expiry of the business relationship or for as long it is required to defend the Company’s rights before the Courts or every other competent Authority and/or extrajudicially in order for the latter to be finally settled.

2.5. Recipients of the Personal Data and the Purpose of its Transmission 

Your personal data shall be subjected to processing by the Company in its capacity as the Personal Data Process Officer.

In relation to the organisational and operational requirements that are related to the provision of products and services by the, the Company may transmit your personal information to its representatives, or even sub-contractors, for the purpose of supporting, promoting and performing your contractual relations with it, but always upon the condition that fully ensures that your personal information does not undergo any whatsoever illegal processing, which is namely different to the purpose of transmission, in accordance with the hereinabove.

The Company reserves the right upon the hereinabove purposes to transmit your personal data:

– To third party natural or legal persons, who may potentially provide promotion and marketing services on behalf of the Company, for both the Company, as well as its products or services; or

– To our third-party associates, who provide technical services that indicatively include hosting and technical support services.

All of our associates, representatives and/or sub-contractors (who shall be collectively known as “associates”) have been evaluated and selected by the Company for their proven reliability and ability and they all comply with the legislation that is stipulated in the hereinabove paragraphs. In the cases where some of these associates are based in countries that do not belong to the European Union, the transmission of your personal data is conducted with the guarantees that are stipulated by the Law.

It is hereby clarified that during the payment method we do not keep or save the payment information for each transaction.

The Company and the shall not make available for sale or otherwise transmit or disclose the personal information of the Subjects on its Website to third parties, except to the aforementioned parties, without the Subject’s consent, with the exception of implementing the relative legal dictates and only to the Competent Authorities. The information that is held on file may be communicated to the Competent Judicial, Police and other Administrative Authorities further to the lawful request and in accordance with the applicable legislative provisions on each occasion. Furthermore, in the case of a statutory provision, administrative order or formal preliminary examination, the Company retains the right to unconditionally make the relevant information available to the respective service.

2.6. Safety of Data

The Company undertakes all the necessary technical and organizational safety measures for the protection of the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data. Specifically authorized personnel of the Company processes your personal data that is comprised by individuals having the professional capacity to provide sufficient guarantees from a technical perspective and knowledge as well as the personal integrity to ensure such confidentiality.

In addition, the Company must report to the Authorities for the Protection of Personal Data any incident of violation of personal data as well as to any other competent individual or Authority within 72 hours as of such violation. In any case, the safety of your personal data is under reservation regarding any reason that lies out of the power or authorization of the Company like incidents occurred due to force majeure.

2.7. Transmission and storage of personal data 

The transmission of the Personal Data between the Website and your browser occurs with encryption and is delivered via HTTPS.

Your data is stored on our services that are situated at a safe location.

2.8. Subject’s rights, information and deletion 

Following the verification of your identity, you have the following rights as the Subject of the Personal Data:

Right to information

The company must inform you about the processing to which it subjects your data, such as which data it processes, the purpose, the period it retains the data, if it is transferred to third parties, to whom we communicate such data, the source of feedback of such personal data, which are your legal rights in respect thereof, how you can submit a legal complaint in respect thereof and what are the provisions regarding the safety of such data by using clear and simple wording.

Right to access

You have the right to receive confirmation from the companyabout the extent to which the data of a personal nature relating to you undergoes processing, and where this occurs, you have the right to access that data.

Right to correction

You have the right to demand that the company corrects any of your inaccurate personal data and to complete any of your incomplete data.

Right to deletion

You have the right to request that the companydeletes Personal Data, which may be satisfied where there are the specific contributing conditions.

Right to restrict the processing

You have the right to ensure that the company restricts the processing, where there are the specific contributing conditions.

Right to objection

You have the right to object, at any given time, to the processing of personal data relating to you. The company in that case must cease processing, unless and where it demonstrates there are imperative and legitimate reasons that outweigh your interests, rights and liberties as the subject of the data or in order establish, exercise or support legal claims.

Right to human interventionwithin the context of a decision via an automated procedure

W here there are contributing conditions, you have the right to request from the company that you are not subjected to a procedure of making a decision that is exclusively based upon automated processing, inclusive of profile training, which produces legal effects that affect you or significantly affect you in a similar manner.

Right to portability

You have the right to request the receipt of your personal data from the company, which you have provided in a structured, commonly used and machine readable format, or that the company transmit it to another provider.

Withdrawal of Consent

You are entitled at any time to withdraw your Consent, in cases where the latter is required as The personal data process basis.

In order to further facilitate you in relation to exercising your relevant rights, the company ensures that internal procedures are developed so that it promptly and effectively responds to your requests. You will not undertake any cost for the exercise of your legal rights in respect of the personal data unless if your request to access the information is insubstantial or excessive and hence we will be entitled to charge a respective fee. In any case we will inform you for any charges applicable in prior to completing your request.

Your requests will be replied within one (1) month at the latest as of their receipt unless if they are very complicating or if you have already submitted many requests and hence a longer time period shall be required to revert.

At any whatsoever point in time, you retain the right to information or even objection to the further processing of your information in accordance with the applicable legislation on the Protection of Personal Data. In relation to this purpose, any request by you must be addressed in writing to the Company and the __________ by sending a relevant email to the address, to the attention of the Data Protection Officer or by telephoning the Customer Service Department on __________ on weekdays between …. am and ….pm _________

If you consider that your Personal Data was held in an illegal manner, you can submit a legal complaint before the of the Supervisory Authorities that are competent for compliance with the Personal Data Protection Rules.In Greece such Authorities are the Authorities for the Protection of Personal Data ( . However, you are hereby kindly requested to contact us in prior to the submission of any legal complaint in order for an amicable solution to be found.

2.9 Cookies

Cookies are files that are saved to your computer when you visit our Website, that are used as an identification tool in your computer making our Website operating better or more efficiently by means of improving your browsing and presenting its content in a correct manner.

2.10 Amendments to the Present Policy

This document may be subjected to amendments over the course of time. We accordingly urge you to periodically verify its content.

2.11. Legislative References and Useful Links

The processing of the Personal Data of the Users / Customers of is conducted by the Company, which also employs a Data Protection Officer, is based in the EU and is subject to the terms that are provided under the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation, and the European and Greek regulations for processing Greek Personal Data and audits by the competent Hellenic Data Protection Authority.

EU Data Protection Directive 1995 (DPD)

EU General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR)

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